From a star-struck teenager in Bihar to the leading man of a Spanish
blockbuster film in Costa Rica, Prabhakar Sharan’s journey is an inspiring tale
of determination, perseverance and victory



Prabhakar Sharan had stars in his
eyes, and he hung the moon to make
his dream come true in a faraway
land, away from his home. He now
holds the distinction of being the
first Indian actor to make it big in the Latin
American film industry, with a lead role. The
small-town boy, hailing from a learned family
in Bihar, spent much of his early years in the
bylanes of Saran, then moved to the state
capital, Patna and finally to Hazaribagh (now in
Jharkhand) to pursue his education. The next
step was to seek a living, and his journey took
him to Rohtak in Haryana. For a boy fascinated
by all things cinema, however, this job was
meant only to take care of his basic needs while
knew what he meant, but by being forewarned
I was also forearmed. I knew communication
would be a major issue, but it’s like they say:
where there’s a will, there’s a way. I told him that
I would make India and Indians known in this
part of the world one day.”
Once there, he enrolled himself in a course
at the Panamerican University in 2000, and did
odd jobs in between classes during the day to
fend for himself, spending the nights working
on realising his reel dream. “I was a lumberjack.
Most of my spare time during college was spent
slogging in the forest,” he shares. He spent a lot
of the money he earned on buying Hindi film
video CDs, and eventually joined hands with an
acclaimed Latin American film critic, William
he attempted to make a place for himself in
the Hindi film industry. “I grew up on a liberal
dose of movies, watching works of all hues
and genres. They were equal parts information,
entertainment and inspiration for me,” he says.
He went to Mumbai to try his luck, armed with
nothing but his passion for acting. Things didn’t
work out, and he had to return to Haryana.
Not too long after, a chance meeting with
businessman Pawan Morarka, who was then
working as Honorary Consul for Costa Rica,
changed the course of his life. “It was almost
like a movie,” Sharan recalls, “I was playing
my part, supported by many others including
Rakesh Rathi who introduced me to Pawanji in
my pursuit of happiness that was cinema.”
At that time, there was no Indian embassy
in the beautiful country, and Sharan’s desire to
shift base to San Jose in Costa Rica bewildered
Morarka. The actor reveals, “He told me that
living in a foreign country would be fraught
with more challenges than I could imagine. I

Sharan organised the first screening of a subtitled Hindi film in San Jose in 2005

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